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The Most Common Cat Breeds of the World

This is a list of the most common cat breeds of the world. The criteria for appearing in this category differ greatly, but two things are essential: how easy it is to find the particular breed of cat and to locate a breeder, or how easy it is to find information on the specific breed.

The Abyssinian

AbyssinianThis cat is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds. The Abyssinian is a lively, athletic and very inquisitive cat.

(This beautiful Abyssinian cat is Quiomme's Gustav and belongs to Karin Langner-Bahmann.)

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The Burmese

Burmese cat breedThe Burmese cat is not only one of the common cat breeds, but is also one of the most intelligent breeds.

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The Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cat breedThe Egyptian Mau is very loyal and intelligent. They have soft melodious voices.

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The Himalayan

Himalayan cat breedThis breed is a combination of a Persian and a Siamese with the body of the Persian and the blue eyes and color points of the Siamese.

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The Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat breedThis cat is one of the largest and toughest cats. It is also a very affectionate cat breed.

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The Manx

Manx cat breedThis stumpy-tailed or tailless cat is a very sweet and playful cat breed. The Manx and the Cymric are essentially the same cat breed - the Manx is just the shorthaired version with the Cymric being the longhaired cat.

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The Persian

PersianThe Persian is one of the oldest pedigree cat breeds around. It is a high-maintenance cat due to its long, bushy and silky coat.

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The Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat breedThe Cornish Rex has a very distinctive curly coat and they are known as the clowns of the cat world.

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The Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat breedThe Devon Rex has a pixie face with large eyes and huge ears.

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The Russian Blue

RussianThe Russian Blue has a very dense, seal-like coat allowing it to survive Siberian winters.

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The Siamese

SiameseThis common but beautiful cat breed is an elegant, vocal and people-orientated cat.

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So, now you know that your cat is part of the common cat breeds, but what type of hair does your cat have?

Does your cat have a skinny body type or a cobby body type?

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