What breed is my cat?

One of the most common questions we at Cat Breed Info get asked is "what breed is my cat?"

Unless you acquired your cat from a breeder, it is very difficult to trace a cat's lineage purely from a couple of photos.

The idea that a cat might be a pure-breed cat often comes from certain physical characteristics that the cat exhibits. For example, your cat's coat might have the gorgeous silvery-blue color of the Russian Blue cat breed or his fur might be dense and long like the Norwegian Forest cat breed.

Even though your cat might exhibit coat colors and traits similar to that of a pure breed cat, it doesn't mean that he/she is a pure breed cat. However, before you get disappointed that your fabulous feline is in fact just an ordinary house cat, you should take into consideration that these "ordinary house cats" are by far the most popular cats in the world; and some people might argue that they are better than any pure-breed cat when it comes to affection and temperament.

Tuxedo Cat Tuxedo Cat

There is often confusion about a cat's coat color as well. Cat owners tend to think that a tabby cat is a type or breed of cat, when in fact the term "tabby" refers to the cat's coat colors and markings. The same can be said for calico, tuxedo and tortoiseshell cats.

Tabby Cat Tabby Cat

With some cat registries and breed associations recognizing over 70 different cat breeds, it is a nearly impossible task to identify what breed your cat might be, especially if you do not have any breed papers or more information about your cat's parentage.

We might not be able to exactly pinpoint the specific breed of your cat, but we would still like to hear from you. You can either Contact Us with a short description and some photos of your cat, or you can submit directly to Cat Breed Info on the Contributions Page

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