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There are three cat hair types and each comes with its own specific grooming needs

Each of the three cat hair types have their own special grooming needs and this can also play an important role in choosing your type of cat.

Cats can be either short-haired, long-haired or they can be hairless. A hairless cat is not completely hairless as such, but it still has fine hair that lies close to the body, giving it a "hairless" appearance.

There are three cat hair types:

Guard hair which is the long coarser hairs forming the outer coat.

Awn hair which is the coarser of the two types of secondary hairs having thickened tips.

Down hair which is the soft, crimped, secondary hairs.

Whiskers are also hair and are long, thick tactile hairs (relating to the sense of touch) that play an important role in the activities of a cat.

Short hair cat breeds

This type of cat hair usually measures less than two inches in length. Cats with short hair such as the Burmese generally do not need any specific grooming, but it is good practice to brush the cat's coat once in a while.


This also provides you with an opportunity to spend time closely with your cat and you might pick up problems such as fleas or ticks. Use a bristle brush to remove any loose hair, making sure that you brush in the direction of the hair growth.

Long hair cat breeds

Ragdoll cat breeds

Female seal mitted Ragdoll cat - CalistaZ

These cats have hair that can grow up to five inches in length.

The hair tangles easily and they also shed a lot of hair.

Cats with this type of hair need extensive grooming to avoid tangles and to prevent the coat from becoming dull and lusterless.

Use your fingers first to remove tangles, then use a brush to smooth the hair in the direction of the hair growth. This should be done daily.

Cutting out knots with scissors should only be considered as a last resort. The Persian or the Ragdoll is an example of a long-haired cat.

Hairless cat breeds

Sphynx cat breed

Sphynx Cat photo by M. Minderhoud

Unlike the cat hair type suggests, cats are never really hairless.

Hairless cats such as the Sphynx do have hair that is very fine and close to the body, giving them a "hairless" appearance.

These cats require very little grooming, although they are best suited to a warm climate.

Not only are there different Cat Hair Types, but there are Different Cat Breeds

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