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cat care advice I'm sure you have had a problem or a question about your cat pop up at the strangest of times.

Well, now you don't have to wait until morning for your vet's practice to open to ask your question! You can get expert advice from professionals with experience RIGHT NOW.

JustAnswer® is the largest paid professional question and answer site with millions of registered users.

To ask a professional a question about your cat, simply type your question in the box below and click "Get an Answer". You will be prompted to create an account and name the price you want to pay to have your question answered. Yes - you name the price!

Once your question has been answered, you will receive an email with a link that you can click on to view the answer. Only if the answer is to your satisfaction will the payment be deducted.

I have personally used this service and highly recommend it - just like millions of other users.

JustAnswer Quick Facts:

100% verified Experts, "A+" from Better Business Bureau, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, more than 1.5 million satisfied users.

My experience with JustAnswer

At eight o'clock on a Monday night, I was desperate for some advice - our two 7-month old kittens had been spayed that morning and they were very restless and clearly agitated. I have used Rescue Remedy before for my other pets and needed to know if I could give this herbal medication to them without any negative side effects after an operation.

My question was literally answered within 5 minutes. The expert who answered it did so in a professional manner and managed to make me feel a little better.

Important Notice!

JustAnswer is not intended to replace proper veterinary care. If it is an emergency, call your nearest emergency vet clinic and get your cat to them immediately.

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