Cat Breed Info Survey

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Cat Breed Info is not just about different cat breeds or pictures of cats, but also about your opinions and thoughts.

You can be part of the Cat Breed Info community by completing our survey and checking out the results from previous surveys.

So come on, take a break and complete the survey!

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Cat Breed Info Survey
How many cats do you have?
One cat
Two to five cats
More than five cats
How old are your cats?
Kittens younger than a year old
One year old to five years old
Five years and older
A mix of adult cats and kittens
How long have you had cats?
Less than a year
One to five years
Five to ten years
All my life
Are your cats indoor or outdoor cats?
Indoor only
Outdoor cats
They only go outdoors under supervision or in an enclosure
A bit of both - they sleep indoors at night
What kind of food do you feed your cats?
Dry cat food
Wet food (tinned or pouches)
A mixture of wet and dry food
My cat is on a raw food diet
Where do you purchase cat food?
At the vet/speciality pet stores
At the supermarket
Would you consider feeding your cat a raw food diet?
I have considered it before, but I have my concerns
Is your cat neutered or spayed?
I would consider it if I could afford it
I do not believe in neutering/spaying
How often do you play with your cat?
I make time every day
Once or twice a week
Less than once a week
Would you consider alternative therapies/treatments such as homeopathic medicines for your cat?
I have used alternative therapies/treatments for my cats before
I would consider it if all else has failed
How often do you take your cats to the vet?
Once a year for check-ups and vaccinations
More than once a year
Only when my cat is sick/injured
I hardly ever take my cat to the vet
How much money are you willing to spend on your cats medically?
As much as it takes - my cat is part of my family
As much as it takes - as long as my cat has quality of life
Do you think you are a good "cat parent?"
Yes, my cats are happy and healthy
Yes, but I can do more to make them even happier and healthier
No, but I am seeking help from professionals





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