Who is my crazy new friend? Mystery cat. Please help!

by Keenan

I recently picked up a cute kitten from the pound. His name is Meowzart. He has a shiny beautiful coat and a muscular lean build. He is adorable and very loving, but he has a wild side. He is very active and loves to be the center of attention. He really acts more like a dog, following me around and sleeping in my room. He is the most vocal cat I've ever had: he meows when he wants out, food, or inside to hang out. He also makes a funny "brrrrr" sound when you pet him in his sleep and yowls at the door when I leave the house. I have never had a cat like this before and his personality is so different that I wondered what kind of cat I have? Is he just an active tabby or something else.. a bit more wild?

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