What's my name ?

by John Barla
(Penshurst, Sydney )

I've grown up with cats all my life, Peter (aka no neck) was a funny bugger, black & white short hair.... Not a small cat, three chefs in the house, he ate better than we did. He played the house cat for a while, very smart, with me he would always look me in the eye & talk to me (meows) with dad he sat still, he would pounce on my brother & play hide n seek & mum got all the cuddles.

After about four years at home, he started to wander off, weeks & months, but he would always return to HIS back yard. We didn't mind this......we knew he was in good hands, you see each time he would return with a new collar and name, twice with a very expensive coat, he came back once covered in crayon. We tried to micro chip him, ha....that was a big mistake - poor vet !!

He's gone now, see you up there George, Whisks, Tom, Bobby, Alfred, Jo.
John b

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