What kind of cat is this?

by Ginger
(Augusta, Georgia)

We are not cat people, we have always had dogs, but on Father's Day I looked on our front porch and saw a little wet kitten curled up in the chair, no more than 6 weeks old. It had stormed the night before so we think it must have gotten blown away or lost in the storm. After listening to it's cries for a few minutes we brought it in and gave it a bath and are trying to find it a good home, but I must confess, we are falling in love with this little cutie. Anyway, what I wanted to know is what breed of cat it is. It has fur that looks like a beautiful deep reddish brown mink coat with a black stripe running down it's back. It has large pointed ears, exotic Asian looking eyes and the bridge of it's nose is out, not in. It has a narrowing head that's not round but more triangular. We can't tell if it's male of female yet, but it is a really sweet, loving kitten. Any help on the breed would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Ginger Sitler

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Jul 13, 2011
Thank you!
by: Cat Breed Info

Hi Ginger

Thank you for submitting your story! Please will you keep us updated on whether you decided to keep this little ball of fur!

About the breed - the coat coloring suggests to me that it might be a moggy, but the face definitely looks like it might have a bit of Oriental in it.

A veterinarian will be able to tell you what sex the kitten is.

Whatever you decide, thank you for taking this baby into your home when you found him/her.

The Cat Breed Info Team

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