What Breed Is My Kitty?

by Sofia

I adopted my kitty Merlin from the SPCA a few months ago and he is now around six or seven months old. He is very sweet and playful. He loves to be held baby style and enjoys belly rubs and giving kisses. He has an adopted sister named Rogue and whenever Merlin is without Rogue he cries until we bring Rogue back. Merlin has very long whiskers and is white with light gray spots that have some black in them. Merlins back legs are a little longer than his front ones and he is kind of clumsy. He has yellowish green eyes that are almond shaped and look to be sometimes half closed. Merlin's tail is gray with black rings around it and a white tip. He has a little pink nose and pink paws with some dark brown spots. He has long fur and a lot of it.

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