What breed is my cat?

by Destiny Lowry
(West Virginia)

I've taken care of stray cats since around third grade. At that time my aunt was helping me but I haven't had a stray in two years. I've found most homes and some were caught but this one I really like. Theyre ultra affectionate and loves attention. I have a dog but I'm rarely allowed to leave my house so having another animal makes me feel a little less lonely. I don't know what gender it is or what breed it is but I named them Kitty. I'm not allowed to have a cat so I made it a bed under the porch where rain doesn't hit and it likes me a lot which is neat because it took a lot to even get it to stay long enough for me to say "here kitty kitty." Long story short I really like this cat but I don't know what breed it is. I own dogs and l can list those breeds off but I know little about cat breeds. I have a few pictures and videos but I don't get a good body view. Help?

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Jun 28, 2017
Pet photography hints
by: Clive

If an indoor shot is too dark, or when photographing dark-colored pets, 'bounce' ambient light from window, light, etc.
Best done with light-color (preferably white) sheet of cardboard.
The indirect illumination helps fill dark areas and softens contrast shadows.
As close-up portraiture of animal subjects is often hit-and-miss, take multiple photos, or if you can do video, even better, as you can "grab" the best frame, through video editing.
Prepare for close-ups of blurred whiskers, bum shots, streaked blur, one huge blurred eye.. (smooching lens, bored with modelling, low-light longer exposure, what's this thing?).
Bribery (usually) works with cats, so dangle toy, snack, rub catnip in "subject" area.
Of course, being a cat, your subject could just curl up into a pretzel, cover face with tail, bored.
Software: plenty available full or trial photo editors.
(hints only):
Arcsoft Photo Studio,
(free downloads): GIMP, Photoscape, i_view, Inkscape, XnView.
Video: t@b_Zweistein, NCH_Videopad.
HXC editor can show total text-bytes.

Dec 15, 2016
Whos cat
by: Anonymous

If a stray is healthy and is nice to you and comes to you, chances are that it is not a stray. This one acts like a stray from what you said. But, others you "help find new homes" might just be an outdoor cat. We have had a couple disappear over the years. Probably taken in by someone not far away that thought they were friendly stray cats. They loved people. In the summer and warmer weather they liked being out and would stay out hunting and bringing us treats like dead mice(yuck). They would come to the door if the weather was bad and we brang them in. All winter they were indoor cats. We put up posters, when we lost the last one. But, if a little old lady who doesn't drive took them in to be a house cat, they never knew how loved they were here. Especially the last one. An indoor cat first as they all start out to be, if one would ruin furniture etc. Outdoor/indoor they became. Rescue cats to begin with, adopted by us. This one was different, my husband didn't like the cat hair around anymore and I , and the kids, couldn't live without a cat. So, I found an outdoor cat, it had no real owner, lived in a trailer park, fed by everyone, but needed a real home. She was so sweet. Loved being held and pet, sat in our laps and slept on our outdoor swing. Brought her in for winter, lost her in the spring. Could have been a wild animal or another family.
My husband got me a new kitten. We found them at a pumpkin farm in a barn, in a cage marked "Free". I decided it would stay an indoor cat. He hardly sheds. Freaky actually. Didn't shed a hair for like a year. Now I brush him if he starts to shed. I never want to lose a cat again. We had lost 3 over the years. Sometimes a cat will become someone's barn cat around here, loving the freedom and other cats there and many nice to Catch. We hope our cats found happy homes. A collar just gets torn off on outside cats, untill you give up. People should also notice if the "stray" was fixed, or spayed too. That may be a hint. Real strays or cereal cats will not come to you. We have a stray out there that used to share our cats food. He never came to us for years now. Just came to her, our cat let the stray eat first, then she are. So cute. Good luck with your cat! Hope others can see this post. I might copy part and post elsewhere. Take care.

Dec 15, 2016
The photos are dark. I can help
by: Theresa

I took the 2 main photos and lightened them with a photo editer. I can email them to you if you respond to me, or lighten others instead and send them if you send them. Or email me your choice of email address I might send them to. Just want to help out. It won't let me post them here for you to copy.

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