Updates to posts "Dynamite comes.." and "Beautiful, Loving Nut.."

by Clive
(NE Johannesburg, South Africa)



KC&BB 70's pets (2 dogs & Charka) (neg) KC chilling with mom Baffy adult (35m neg)

Low-quality images:
Dynamite comes..: 35mm print photos taken early 70's water damaged.
I scanned negatives, corrected to positive.
Which is why photos from that era are poorer quality.

Baffy/BAF: 'Bitumen Aceteate Fibre', soft white filler used in duvets, anoraks.
Charka grew into a dark grey oriental-shape, adopting 2 dogs and Tuxedo CC (Charlie Chaplin) as new "toys".
Had grey-blue eyes, Siamese "operatic" voice and squint eyes.
Baffy was a huge, gentle lady, slightly squint green/yellow eyes. Picture this: 2 dogs, 3 cats, playing 'Tag'. House mayhem!! :).
BB and KC:
My (late) Mom first got KC from a colleague who's cat had 12 kittens!!.
BB came later, company for KC.
KC preferred to sleep on lap, gentle fuss, "no rough play."
BB loves hand-cat wrestling game, (ouch), dribbling paper balls, or darts around lounge, prr? prr?.
Then head-butts shoes and denims.
He sometimes played too rough with KC, causing KC to squeal or growl.
When i went "hey!", both would run.

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