Toby the tiger

by Brigitte
(Aliso Viejo, ca)

I need help determining his breed. I know he may not be a purebred but I have a feeling that he is special. His personality is that of a sour patch kid, first he's sour then he's sweet. He follows me around everywhere which is cute but he also attacks me by biting me. I know he is only playing but it hurts. When he is tired of attacking everything he loves to dig and knead my hair and he always sleeps on my head or snuggles next to me. He is the most talkative cat I have ever met. When I come home he greets me with the longest meow. He yells at you because he either wants food or to be put on the counter. He is a blue grey color with gold eyes. He is 3 months old and about 7 lbs. Can you help me determine his origin?

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