tired of fighting on what my cat is

by karen
(sutton, quebec)

We recently rescued a cat in october ... i suppose she was what we call a cottage kitty... pet for the summer and then dumped. My question is i ve looked at her characteristics and markings... if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be.
My question is why would someone get an animal like this and then just drop it off at a gas station. Our decision to take her home was no contest... after watching her almost get hit by a bus we said ... ur coming home with us.

So how can we tell for sure if she is indeed a mau? She jumps unbelievable heights, outruns her housemates. Walks on her tiptoes, loves to be up high.. very playful and smart as a whip.

Super friendly and cuddly, very talkative and always on the go. We love her and she has a forever home.

Happy owner

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