Thor the Kitten Finds a Home

by Orville Fugitte
(Orlando, Florida USA)

This is a photo of Thor inside Timone's Cat Carrier.

This is a photo of Thor inside Timone's Cat Carrier.

This is a photo of Thor inside Timone's Cat Carrier. Thor outside in our Flower Garden getting a drink out of the small pond. Thor outside next to our Flower Garden{not seen} in the grass Timone Snowstar taking possesion of my Computer Desk Chair.

Early Monday, on September 3, 2012 around 8am in the morning a neighbor knocked on our door, she had a small kitten in her hands. My wife opened the door first and the lady handed my wife the kitten, at first we were going to try and turn it over to animal control, but after finding out that the kitten would be euthanized after 7 days, if it couldn't find a home, we just could not take the chance of sending this beautiful, graceful and playful kitten to his early, and ultimately, untimely demise, never getting a chance to live, love or play in life.

We're are so happy we kept him and turned the animal control officer away, she too, was very happy we opted to give this little guy a home. Although we have a cat and are only supposed to have 1 animal in our manufactured home park, but seeing there are many residents having 2 or more dogs and/or cats, we decided, we'd take the chance and keep him despite that rule, which since we own the home we felt having two mainly indoor cats in our home should be our business, just because we do not own the lot it resides on should not mean we can't have 2 kitties! My wife and I both thought this rule was very stupid in the first place, especially since we do not allow our cats outside to roam the neighborhood!

So after about 3 days, we finally decided to name him Thor, after the God of Thunder, especially since we were having thunderstorms close to the time he came to us on that first day. So we thought Thor would be an appropriate name for the little guy.

Although our resident cat of going on 18 years was not, and still has not made complete friends with Thor, although Thor keeps attempting to befriend Timone, whom is an Turksih-Angora/Calico mix.

Timone was from a litter of kittens my Uncle's Calico cat had.

Timone was also the "runt" of the litter, but turned out being the largest cat of the brood! LOL

Again, our kitties are never permitted outside UNLESS SUPERVISED by either myself or my wife. Timone astounds my neighbors as they have never seen a "voice-trained" cat before and weren't even aware that was even possible! And Thor seems to be learning vocal commands very well too.

Timone currently somewhat tolerates Thor, but if Thor gets too close, Timone still hisses and spits at him. But we expect that until they finally mesh with one another, which we hope will come soon.

The only thing we have no idea about is, what possible breed or mixed breeds Thor may be, we think he looks very similar and close to a Devron Rex, but we just aren't sure.

Hopefully someone seeing his photos here may be able to help us identify his breed type, or what breeds he may be mixed with.

Thor has gold eyes, large ears and long legs very similar to the Devron Rex, but we don't think he is a purebreed, but we suppose that could be possible. But who in their right mind would toss out such a beutiful and usually expensive kitten? Then again, we've seen folks do this with both kittens and puppies in the past, and when we catch them in this despicable act, we do turn them into the authorities for punishment!

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