The Most Adorable & Loving Animal I've Seen~

by Ernesto Giro
(Miami, FL)

First pic I took of him (he posed too)

First pic I took of him (he posed too)

First pic I took of him (he posed too) Slumbering sleep! What a character!

I found this baby about a week ago, as I was walking accros a parking lot he came rushing from under a car towards me with a very loud "meaow" as if saying: "please help me!" it broke my heart to hear this plea and I just had to grab him and carry him off to my home. Mind you I'm SUPER allergic to not only pollen and dust but cats obviously as well!

I just had to rescue this poor little thing I thought. I was amazed to find out how LOVING, playful, endearing, smart, affectionate and WONDERFUL this animal can be!First thing he did was to press his paws on my back as if giving me a back massage! INCREDIBLE! then he came up to my face touched my chin with his nose as if kissing me, then he kind of bit my neck in a sort of affectionate way! UNBELIEVABLE! NOT EVEN MY GIRL HAS DONE THAT TO ME!

Needless to say he loves to sleep on my chest cuddled up to me and when I have to leave the house and return home he immediatelly awaits by the door chirping and following me around all over the place!

I also noticed that he loves to CLEAN himself a lot and the minute I put him on an empty pizza box becuase he was chirping so much he began to scratch the box as if it had sand or "cat litter", then it dawned on me I needed to get the stuff! Please bear with me you can tell I'm a "novice" with cats!

The cutest thing he did recently was playing with a firefly that crept inside at night and getting close to the TV screen to touch Obama's face with his paw!

Anyway I never knew cats could be so fascinating and simply "adorable" till I found this guy! Well that's my story for whatever it's worth!


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