The Highlander

by Sue
(Mena AR USA)

I love the Highlander breed.
The Highlander is a PNB with TICA. I love going to the cat shows with my Sheetah wood she has 15 best of breeds. I am so proud of her I think she enjoys it as much as I do.
A Highlander brings you the "Big Cat look" in a domestic cat. Although their look is one of power and fierceness, Highlanders are a fun-loving, good natured cat that constantly entertains its humans with zany antics and enjoys being the center of attention.
The Highlanders come with a Triple AAA rating;
Adorable, Addicting, Amazing!!!!

One more thing, I see you do not have a photo of a Highlander on your site, feel free to use one my photo's of Sheetah if you would like.

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