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Singapura Cat Info

Singapura Cat Info: History

The name Singapura is Malaysian for Singapore, which is where the Singapura cat originates from. In South East Asia the ticked coat pattern and dark brown color are a common local combination and it is recognized as being the original gene pool for ticked tabbies.

In the early 1970?s, Hal and Tommy Meadow brought these ticked cats to the USA and in 1971, Hal, who was working in South East Asia, sent more cats home to Tommy who was in the US. Tommy proceeded to breed with these cats and in 1974 Hal and Tommy moved to Singapore. Three ticked cats that went with them were the grandchildren of the original cats that Hal had sent to Tommy in 1971.

When they returned to the US in 1975, they had 5 brown ticked cats with them. In 1980, Barbara Gilbertson imported another brown ticked cat from Singapore.

Singapura cat Singapura cat photo by Liz Upton

When Hal and Tommy returned to the USA, they started a breeding program to establish the Singapura cat breed. They consulted with a British geneticist on their concerns about inbreeding.

In some litters solid brown kittens occasionally made an appearance and in 1985 it became clear that some Singapuras carried a recessive gene for solid color. A test-mating program was established to try and identify the cats with this gene. This was done in order to eliminate these cats from the official breeding programs. In 1988 only 7 cats had been identified and these cats were adopted as pets.

Singapura breeder Gerry Mayes went to Singapore in 1987 to find more of the foundation cats and the cats he brought back with him was registered with TICA. The Singapura breed is still a rare cat breed but has a dedicated group of breeders and owners committed to its existence. The Singapura was accepted for championship competitions in 1979 by TICA.

Singapura Cat Info: Description

The Singapura cat is the smallest breed of cat and only reaches their full size when they are 2 years old. There is little size difference between mature males (6-8 pounds) and mature females (5-6 pounds).

This rare cat breed has a compact body type that is powerfully built with strong legs made for jumping. The head is rounded with large ears that give the Singapura an alert look.

Singapura cat Singapura cat Kero - photo by Lil Shepard, UK

The eyes are one of the outstanding features of the Singapura cat breed ? brilliant, deep shades that range from hazel or gold to copper to celadon green. The eyes are offset by mascara-like markings.

The Singapura cat breed comes in only one color. A rich warm sable brown ticking that is set against an ivory background. Yellow tones are often seen that fade on the undersides to a color similar to sepia photographs.

A tabby M appears on the forehead with bars on the knees of the back legs and on the inside of the front legs.

A weekly brushing is sufficient to keep the Singapura?s coat in top condition and to remove loose hair.

Singapura Cat Info: Personality & Temperament

Singapura cat The Singapura cat is an extrovert that will follow you everywhere and will insist on inspecting everything that you do. They are curious and intelligent and like to be in the middle of any activity.

Singapuras love being up high, whether it is on a cupboard or on your shoulder, making sure that they are not missing anything.

This small cat breed is affectionate and people-orientated and get along well with other cats.

They are active and enjoy interactive games, but are equally at home snuggled in your lap, purring softly.

The Singapura likes to talk in a soft voice, making its presence known.

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