Sheldon- My British Bombay

by Dana Smith
(Bowmanville, ON, Canada)

When my husband and I first got Sheldon, our British Bombay, at 9 weeks old, we had no idea what his breed was. He was the spunky black kitten with greenish gold eyes that was intent on capturing our attention at the farmers feed store. He climbed all the way up the kitten enclosure and meowed constantly at us.

As he grew up, his eyes changed to gold completely. His personality on the other hand remained the same. He is the most talkative cat I've ever met. He talks to me from the time I wake up, til I go to bed at night. He loves to be in or around the shower/tub when either my husband or I are in it. If he's not balancing on the edge, he's perched on the windowsill looking over the shower curtain rod! Sometimes he drinks from the tap, or even the toilet if the kid hasn't put it down.

Boy can this cat play! His fetch playing skills could put some dogs to shame! His favourite toy is a squishy foam ball that he can pick up easily. He brings it to you whenever he wants to play.

You would think most cats are different around their family than around strangers, not the case with him. Anytime someone rings the doorbell, he is the first there to welcome them to the house. Once they're inside, he starts bringing his toys out.

I still can't believe how lucky we are to have such an amazing cat! He is the funniest, smartest cat I've ever had the pleasure of welcoming into my home!

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