Shadow's Slave

by Eddie
(Laurens, Ia, USA)

Tiger(20lb orange tabby male neutered) is a gentle giant. Likes to fight with me but never brings his claws out, just his teeth and he doesn't bite hard. I got him a little black kitten (Shadow or cat from hell). I was worried how Tiger would handle the kitten. Boy was I wrong, it became obvious that I had to worry about Tiger. Shadow every morning for about an hour continually attacks Tiger until he has had enough and heads for higher ground. They chase each other all the time. One morning at about 6am I heard a crash and went downstairs to see what damage had been done. Nothing, as I walked upstairs I noticed the slide screen I had in the window was gone. I looked out the window, and there is my screen all bent up and Tiger sitting there looking up at me with a WTF look on his face. I went down and got him and he was alright. It was a 20ft drop on to grass. I would of loved to have a video of Tiger's face as he flew. lol. Best I can figure out he was heading for higher ground to fast and his weight kept him going. Hopefully I can upload a picture of the little devil that started it. He is 100% black except the inside of his ears and just above the eyes, but the white is just his skin color. His pads are also black. I would like to find out what his breed is, so I know what to expect when he becomes full grown and how big he will be. He also has big paws and long pointy ears. Gave up can't upload picture

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