rescued a calico X tabby kitten dumped on sidewalk

by clive
(N/E Johannesburg, South Africa)

I love my teddy!

I love my teddy!

I love my teddy! legs too short What IS this thing??

A few years ago, some children in our neighborhood brought us this baby kitten who they found dumped in a shoe-box on our sidewalk.
We first fed her with a syringe, then discovered she was trying to eat from our adult cat's dish of gravied cat-food.
Much to our cat BB's disgust.
We made up a mix of milk & Pronutro (cereal) and formula from the vet, to spoon-feed her.
She had a weeping eye, which was irritating her as she kept wiping it and blinking, or closing the eye.
The vet also gave us ointment for the eye, which healed.
Although we only had "Kitten" for about 2 weeks, she made an impact with her cuteness and affection.
A box with blanket was prepared, but she mostly preferred to snuggle in to a neck, on lap, or her favorite non-human, a fluffy teddy-bear, about 20 x her size.
BB mostly just ignored this microscopic intruder, although he was seen holding her down and washing her head-to-toe.
"Kitten" was so mini that she would battle to get out of the "grown-up" litter-tray, which was inside a cardboard box to stop scattering of cat-litter.
She would then find her lungs "HEY I'm FINIIIISHED!! Somebody PLEASE!!"
"Friends Of The Cat" came after a few weeks, having found a home for her.

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