Queen of The House

by Alicia. C
(Lilbourn, MO/USA)



Most of what described above is true. My pureblood seal point Siamese (Sassy) is my shadow, no matter how quietly I try to slip by the room she is in, I turn around and there she is. In the last 14 years, she's be my constant companion (for better and worse.) With a Siamese, expect snuggling in the winter. The Siamese I have been with, (mine and others) don't do cat beds, they prefer to sleep in bed with you, preferably by your face. Expect some type of PMS (if you have a girl) in the summer. Their temperament worsens by extreme heat/cold. They love kids and other animals. My german shepherd is big bro and my 1 yr old niece is her pal. They're very neat and won't use a dirty litter box, eat food that is older than 5 min. They are very dog-like. They fetch, roll over, shake and roll in something stinky like dog fur. Siamese (seal points) talk from dawn till dusk and beyond. They are LOUD!. They demand to be heard. If I ignore Sassy, she'll bite my ankle and repeat her demand in a louder meow.

Naples poem above rings true as can be. Grace, beauty, courage, and a bit snobby.

Their IQ is high, the cat understands as much as a 3yr old and knows my tone and certain words like car, go, vet. Sassy hates to be scolded and will get even, she'll pee on the floor next to her box after I get on to her.

They dont like loud noises (vacuum, crying babies) Their fur gets darker with age. Sassy is 14 and (except her neck) is solid black. Neat trick, Their eyes glow red in the light.
They're great cats, just be sure that they're the right type for you. I didnt pick Sassy's breed. I wish I had, still love her don't get my wrong but I matched closer with other breeds. Also, they usually bond with one main person but they still like other people so don't worry.

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