by Glenda
(North Carolina)

Pretty Pesto

Pretty Pesto

Pretty Pesto Pesto always in the action

She was born of a feral cat under our deck. One of four, she was smaller and while one other was her color, the others were grey and white as the mother. I could tell the mother was not taking care of her so at about 4 weeks I took her in. She was very vocal and when agitated, her eyes turned bright red. I could tell there was a cape of buff color to her white fur and tip of tail. She was very feisty and curious but would not let you touch her. Although she appeared to want to be petted and cuddled, she resisted any contact. She positively terriorized our other cat from the beginning and still does 7 years later. Since she had really blue eyes, we named her Frankie but soon realized that Pesto was more appropriate since she was such a pest; but lovable and a pleasure to watch. She loved being near my husband while he worked but at a distance. She still exhibits the RED eyes when agitated or just onery. Occasionally she will jump in our laps but does not want us to touch her. Is she part siamese, persian, burmese, who knows. but we do know that she was and is a feral cat that needs distant attention.

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