Peaches...a1/3 of Homeward Bound

by Liz
(Idaho USA )

Peaches came to us last October ...My daughter brought her from town in the rain and meowing incessenlty ...She said she rescued her from a Chinese restaurant (sorry not very PC).

She gave the cold kitten to her brother for his birthday ....still a month away!

Peaches is such a delight and so entertaining!
Loves to watch football and the NASDAQ ...
She almost placed a few trades!

Totally loves our Aussie and MinPin...will follow them all over our two acres ...hence Homeward Bound.

Even brought a fullgrown robin in through the doggie door downstairs and did WWF in the hall outside Scotts office last week.

Never had a cuter sweeter kitty that loves chasing her tail or following a springtime butterfly!

Long live Peaches

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