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Getting to know the kids

Getting to know the kids

Getting to know the kids Getting used to his new home Rocky getting a makeover Chilling watching tv

We got Rocky a year ago as a rescue cat and he was the only cat that was in a cage in his foster family where they also had 20 cats. He came home with us and was very weary of us for a day or two.

We left him to get used to his new forever home and in time we realised why his name was Rocky, he throws a great paw punch. The dogs in the area won't go near him.

Now after having him a year he loves his cuddles and being talked too, he also got used to kids. He is very relaxed, happy and content. He answers to us whistling at him but he has to have his say about the whistling.
He wont tolerate any nonsense but he has trained us well.

He now has a new friend called Leo who is a tabby cat, we rescued him when he was three or four weeks old, his tail had to be removed due to been run over.

Rocky has and still is doing a great job of taking care of him and he cleans him. He also lets Leo cuddle up to him.

Rocky was our first cat and he is the best addition to the family, along with Leo, we love that he has to have a say about everything.

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