Oscar(l) and Otis(r)

by Sheila
(Englewood, Florida)

Hated each other at first. Now, best buddies

Hated each other at first. Now, best buddies

I thought both cats were tabby, But after looking at this page Im not so sure. Otis is extremely smart, vocal and prefers to sleep with no one bothering him most of the time, although Oscar makes sure he gets his daily exercise. Otis has some brown markings on his face, and they are exactly like a kitten that my friend just got. Actually the kitten is a spitting image of Otis.
Oscar is all the same color pretty much( besides his stripes). His eyes are even yellow. He is very affectionate and hyper active, which I think can partly be attributed to his age(He's a little over a year old)
Im just curious if you can tell if these boys have any other breeds in them? Let me know! Thanks!

P.S. As an added note, Otis is a rescue cat that we got at the age of 2 or 3, and Oscar we got as a 5 month old kitten. His litter mates were identical to him. But I did not see the mama or papa kitty.

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