My wonderful silent friends

by M Newton

Recently a grey cat had her young under my house and she would come to me every day and make a faint cry for food. I fed her because she had four babies.I went away for two months and returned to find that two of her kittens were missing and she was pregnant in my absence because she brought out a fresh litter for me to see - six altogether - very pretty. I began feeding her again because she is nursing. Recently she began taking some of the food to the young ones, so I now feed the six kittens plus two of the four she originally had. She gets her food in a separate plate but she would not eat until her young ones have eaten and are satisfied. She also nurses them. The two bigger ones from the first litter stays close to their baby siblings and to her. They also try to play with their baby siblings while she watches on. They think I am are their owner. Since they came into the world I have been feeding them. They are stray cats - beautiful. One from the first litter who is now about 4 and 1/2 months has become very tame. She plays with me and at nights she sleeps under the steps with her brother. They are always in the company of each other. I guess the owner of the female cat left her behind. I went on the web to find the breed. It is a russian blue. Recently there is another female cat that has began to come at feeding time and cry and I would feed her. She began coming by herself then one day she brought three babies with her. I never knew she had babies so I was amazed to see how smart she is to know to come to for food and bring her babies too. She knows I also feed a mother and her babies. When she arrives she lets me know that she is there and sit with her babies and wait for her turn. When she is finished eating she sits and wait on her babies. She now brings them every evening to eat and when they all had enough she would walk away with them and look back as if to say thank you. I feed them because they are female cats, they have young and are nursing and its difficult for them to hunt. I wish they can find homes. They are such wonderful animals. I gave them all names. It will pain my heart to leave them behind but I hope people would take them care for them and love them. I have grown to love them all so much

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