My Darling American Curl

by Razz
(Saudi Arabia, Bahrain)

I was only 9 years old when I found a tiny baby kitten at my door step.
It was the most adorable cat I had ever seen! I could tell by its
begging eyes and its skinny body that it really needed food. My parents
gave her milk and some kitten food. And thats when I realized that I
hadn't even given my new kitten a name. And I called her... Bell
I remember when I took Bell inside the house my Dad would say "Oh
please, don't bring that cat in the house!" I would get so angry at
him but if you look 2 weeks later there she is Bell, lying down,
streched out along my Dad's velvet blanket!! Now my Dad is head over
heals about that cat! Giving Bell strokes every 5 minutes, feeding her, \\
so much food to keep her happy. Adults these days!

And now I'm writing on the computer with the with the most beautiful
cat by my side. Now I ask myself today, what would I do without her.

From Razz

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