My cat and me (yes wife to)

by Tony Larizza

Kitty kitty my boss, is a territorial dominant cat,she likes high spots and hunting mice and rats, she patrols the house the garage inside and out, plus the front and back garden, the roof is visited at least twice if not more in 24hrs.
She never leaves her territory unattended, but she does have a couple of human friend neigbors who she visits once or twice a week.(I call them her network)I don't now them but she does.

I first saw my cat in January 2009, when I bought this house,but I ignored her, thinking it's not my cat it's someone else's cat.

In August 2010 my partner moved in and we got married.

In late June 2011 my wife gives kitty kitty food and slowly slowly relates to kitty kitty while I'm still ignoring her.

My wife is all ways affectionate to her, hugs kisses pets pats smiles the whole lot.

But me,with out even realising was not ignoring my cat at all, I was constantly studying my cat to accommodate her needs:

easy access to roof
open door shut door
food time
brush time

My wife says Tony the cat loves you adores you

Well slowly slowly I love my cat too, I understood when we went to the vet to see if she was micro chipped but luckily she had been only desexed so no microchip and I felt so good.

I'm thinking now it's time to get a kitten with the same characteristics of kitty kitty, colour hair etc.

kitty kitty:medium size long hair tuxedo,pink and black paw pads amber eyes,she is similar to siberian norwegian ragdoll but none of the above very intellegant expressive and affectionate cat. She's a hunter territorial and dominant(DOMINANT she the boss I'm second my wife third. Her friend tom cat that visits about 3-4 times a week to eat and rest of course he is old is nr 4)

So my question is what breed or better combination of breed has her similar qualities in tuxedo style,long hair and all other description I mentioned.

Sorry for long story but most things mentioned are important to me.

kind regards

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