Miracle Cat

by Briana Yancy
(Mansfield, Texas, United States)

Hi everyone!! This story actually happened a few years ago but it's still a good one.
In 2007 my mom was pregnant with my little brother Brian, back then we had a cat named Agape (which is Hebrew for Love). We never knew what breed Agape was but he had an 'M' on his forehead - thus where Miracle Cat came from. So my mom was pregnant and Agape would always follow her around like he knew something was happening. Whenever my mom would take a nap Agape would lay down right in front of her as if trying to protect her!!! I just thought that was sweet and extraordinary ecspecially because Agape was a male! I would think a female would do that because of maternal extincts but.....you know.
I just thought that was a good thing to tell;)

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