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Male cat or female cat?

Both sexes make ideal companions!

Once neutered, either a male cat or a female cat will make an ideal companion. You might have a preference based on a previous relationship with a specific gender of cat, but both sexes make excellent companion animals.

As a responsible cat owner, you should have your cat neutered once he/she reaches sexual maturity. A cat will often become more attached to you once it has been neutered, and the desire to go roaming about is reduced.

Un-neutered male cats (tom cats)

An un-neutered tom cat will have a large territory that he will roam for a female and will mark this territory by spraying urine - unfortunately, this will be inside your house as well as outside, as this is considered to be part of his domain.


A male that has been neutered will rarely stray beyond the local houses and streets in your area.

Un-neutered female cats (queens)

When an un-neutered female cat comes into season, she will make loud calls (caterwauling) in order to attract any interested tom cats.


A queen will come into season once or twice a year and during this period she will be very restless both during the day and the night.

How do you tell if your cat is male or female?

Lift the cat's tail and you should see two openings - this will be the same for both the male and the female cat. The opening closest to the tail is the anus.

In the female cat the openings are closer together than the in the male cat. If there is a vertical slit close to the anus, it is the vulva of the female cat. If you are still in doubt, ask your vet next time you take your cat for a check-up.

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