Little girls best friend... Sorta.

by Shiloh

I was four when I got my first pet. A little kitten from the animal shelter in the Alaskan city we had been living in at the time. She was the cutest little thing.Grey, white, brown, and black. Big green eyes and a curious mind.
Fast-forward a year and she was the most excited kitty; always ready to pounce anything and everything that moved. Her favorite thing to pounce? 5 year old me. I would be sitting at the end of the hallway, playing with my toys when out of nowhere this cat comes streaking down the hallway towards me like a bat out of h***. She would jump at one of my limbs or my head. It was my favorite thing but also my least favorite thing. I have two scars down my chin from her that I will have for the rest of my life, I will never hate them.
My Polly has been with me for 16 years, through all my awkward stages in life, and six moves. One of which involved being on a 40 foot boat for 5 days chugging along the Alaskan waters to our new home. When I moved out of my parents house and to a different town I had to leave her behind for two months while I got settled. She was so upset, she wouldn't let my parents sleep. She only ever slept with me and when I left she was a wreck.
Polly is my family member. When she finally does pass into the great beyond it will be like loosing a sibling. For now I will enjoy every noisy, nosey, obnoxious minute I have with her.

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Dec 10, 2014
Cats do bond with their humans.
by: Anonymous

Yes I Know what you mean. losing a pet is always hard because they do become a part of you life. The two that i have now are finally maturing now that they are 2 years old. My favorite cat passed in 1993 and i still think of her from time to time. Her name was Priscilla Pussly and she and I had this incredible bond and mutual respect for each other. She never scratched the furniture and never pee-ed on the carpet. She never stole food although she would steal a bic lighter before you could blink. She was the most loving cat I have ever seen. Cats can live to be 25 years old I hear so take good care of her just like you have and who knows? Always glad to drop a line or two to a fellow cat lover.

Take care,
Don in Fort Worth

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