Leo the Lion

by Stormy

I love my baby Leo. I talk about him all the time, and constantly take pictures of him. He is 3 years old, and we got him around Christmas time. He was abandoned in a box with his brothers and sisters near a creek. When my family adopted him my whole life changed. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, and he has has been such a joy, every time I feel sad, I play with him and I feel better. He constantly rolls over on his back, plays hide-and-seek, cuddles and chases water from hoses and sticks! He sometimes likes to hide in his litter box when it is clean, rolling in it like a chinchilla! He likes to run up and down the hallway and make funny noises, he loves to crab walk, and he randomly falls asleep in the funniest positions and places. I can pick him up like a rag doll cat, with no problem. I have never had a cat that allows me to pick him/her up before like Leo does, he loves to stretch when I pick him up to, and he always purrs! He has his naughty side- he loves to knock my water cups over, and when he isn't getting enough attention he threatens to knock other stuff over, by looking at you and flicking his tail, his paw behind said item, ready to knock it on the ground. He even shreds up paper and has shred my homework a few times! He gives everybody equal amounts of love in the household, sometimes coming to each of us individually. He is always trying to cover up my dogs poop out on the lawn when he is outside, he sniffs it and gets a displeased face and starts habitually trying to cover it with grass with his paw, but it doesn't work, lol. One time someone had poop on their shoe and accidentally got some on the floor without anyone knowing. Next thing we know, Leo is upside down, trying to shove the poop under the carpet, obviously offended, LOL. He has the biggest personality, and he loves to lay on furniture on his back, legs wide open, belly exposed, teeth hanging out, paws either drawn to his chest, covering his eyes, or stretched out. Sometimes he likes to lay with all his legs tucked in, and he ends up resembling a chicken, lol. I could go on and on about my baby. Oh, and during Christmas time, even though he is 14lbs, he loves to still climb into our fake Christmas tree!

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May 27, 2014
by: tony

hes got a very nice tuxedo

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