I'm just chillin

by Jewl
(Cleveland Ohio)



Slick Boss Crystal

After eating Slick likes to lay around & relax. He moves unusually slow cause of his size I guess. He is a very unique cat, I really don't know his breed. His coat is slick, that's why I name him that name. He runs & play around the house every blue moon, he's more of a laid-back cat, he beats up my female cat every now & then I don't know why, I stop him when I'm around, but when I'm not around I have no control. Beside that he's a good cat. I raised him from a kitten. He's smoke gray. He looks black in the dark - l o l. I had him since 2004 when I adopted him from the APL. Some people don't care to get their animals from the APL. They would rather buy an expensive animal. Cause of different breeds, these animals from the APL are just as special as they are. Slick was 4 years old when I adopted him. He was already neutered. He's my favorite of my other 2 cats, but I love them all. He's always in the window at the same time when I come home from work. They know your schedule that's for sure.

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