I am so grateful to Source Energy for giving me Eros (Eery E, my son!)

by Aksokoni
(Durban, South Africa)

check how stylish my boy is!

check how stylish my boy is!

check how stylish my boy is! sleepy head nunus man who's the man

I can't beginning how happy Eros makes me and everyone who gets into contact with. Ever since he joined our family, I have always KNOWN that there was something TOTALLY special and unique about him. Gosh, I was amazed last night by what I figured out, just by spending some time on the net. I have been trying to figure out what breed, for the last two years. And boy o boy can you imagine what came up. He is a MAINE COON!!!!!!!!!! Of all cats???????

Don't get me wrong. I would still think he was awesome even if he was an ordinary house-cat. BUT he isn't and I love him even more for that. I believe that his timing to come into our lives, was impeccable. Months before he joined the family, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar. He helps me to lower my resistance and to higher my vibration. He is SO GOOD for my bipolar. On the nights where I am up till late, he is my only friend, sitting with me till wee hours of the morning.

He sleeps with me on the bed and I have noticed that he is very protective of his sisters (my daughters), he checks to make sure they okay, climbing on their beds while they sleep. He even wakes the kids (sometimes) up to get ready for school in the morning.

Eros has and will always be the love of my life. Even my bf has to make peace with that. This is Eros we talking about here. I do not appreciate anyone disrespecting my baby-boy.

I am wearing a smile from ear to ear this morning. I am so blessed to have such an awesome pet. I call him my dog-cat. I just need to get him a leash soon, so that I can take him for a walk to the park sometimes, because he follows us around every where.

I am even more blessed to call him my own!!!

I will update you guys later on any developments.

Ciao for now!

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