Grace and Olympia

by Lily Barrie

My dad was driving home from valet parking when he saw 2 yellow eyes watching him. He stopped the car and opened the door. He said "come here kitty!" The 2 eyes darted at him and a bombay leaped into his arms. He closed the door and drove home with a bombay on the dashboard. When my mom, my sister, and I got home from a trip he showed us the girl bombay. My mom named her Grace. We posted up notices saying that we found a girl bombay in Shelby Park but nobody called us about a missing cat. We decided to keep her and on May 1st, at midnight, she gave birth to 5 kittens, Tiger, Midnight, Olympia, Sasha, and Ashes. 2 were striped and 3 were black. We put up a sign for free kittens and Sasha was the first to go, then Ashes and so on and so on. In late May we had 2 kittens left, Olympia and Midnight. Eventually someone took Midnight but we still had Olympia and she wasn't really considered a kitten anymore so we decided to keep her. Now, we tell them apart by tickling their belly, if they squeak/meow it's Olympia and if they just lay there it's Grace.

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