by Natalie
(Norfolk, UK)

Fergus is such a handsome cat, he is described by the vet as a unique DSH dilute blue,tabby,tortie male. But we are not so sure as his fur is chinchilla like to touch. He hates to think he is alone which he is not due to having 2 other felines. Fergus had a challenging start to his life as we finally met at a local rescue group. He loves attention and likes to chat with us. He was terrorised by a dog and spent most of his time on shelves and worktops to keep his distance from the dog. He came from a multi cat household and he stood out from all the rest. He's very muscular with an awesome bushy tail. He looks like a grey tabby with apricot around his eyes and mouth and under his chin. Which can only be seen when you are close up to him. We would love to find out if he is a unique version of a pedigree or whether he is just a handsome domestic.

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Oct 13, 2013
by: natalie

would love to know all your thoughts so please let me know what you think??

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