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The Different Cat Breeds with Pictures (Non-championship breeds)

These different cat breeds consist of everyday household cats and kittens which compete in TICA shows. There are 3 general groups: unregistered pedigree cats, mixed breed cats and half-pedigree cats.

In this category you will find household cats & kittens and rescued cats & kittens from shelters. These pet cats and kittens earn titles comparable to Championship cats and may compete in TICA sanctioned shows.

different cat breeds

They will also earn points towards Annual Awards. The kittens in this category do not earn titles, but may compete in TICA sanctioned shows and so earn points towards Annual Awards.

Household Pet Cats and Kittens

The history of the mixed breed cat can be traced back to the time of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and probably even before then. Cats were taken on boats to keep the rodent population in check, and often when ships docked, the cats would go roaming about in the cities and towns. The visiting cats would mate with the local cats and so create new mixed breeds.

different cat breeds

Household pet cats each have a different personality unique to it, and a cat's behavior and temperament is more often than not determined by how you raise the cat or kitten and how you treat it. The mixed breed cats come in literally every shape, size and color and can be long-haired or short-haired.

If the cat has long hair, you will need to groom him/her at least twice a week to prevent the hair from becoming filthy and matted and to remove loose hair. If the cat has short hair, a weekly grooming session is all that is needed to keep the coat shiny and to rid it of loose hair.

In the non-championship category, TICA allows anomalies such as earless cats, blind cats and cats that might have a leg missing. This is due to the fact that many of the household pet cats and kittens were adopted from rescue shelters. TICA does require that adult household cats be sterilized.

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