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The Different Cat Breeds with Pictures (Advanced New Breeds Status)

These different cat breeds compete in TICA sanctioned shows but cannot earn titles or points towards Annual Awards. These cats have to follow certain rules to be eligible for championship status. This is the second level of the Championship Advancement Class Program.

The different cat breeds that belong to this category are the Chausie (pronounced "chow-see"), the Savannah and the Thai.

The Chausie

Chausie cat breed Chausie kitten

The Chausie was first bred in the late 60's and early 70's. In 1995 the Chausie achieved foundation registry status in TICA and in 2001 this cat breed was advanced to Evaluation status. 2003 saw the Chausie advance into the Advanced New Breeds category and therefore is able to compete in TICA shows.

The Chausie is a short-haired, medium to large sized cat with a long body. Three color combinations are found - black grizzled tabby, brown ticked tabby and solid black.

This breed of cat is very active and intelligent and does not do well if left on its own. The Chausie need games where running and jumping are the main activities so that they can show of their graceful, cougar-like moves.

The Chausie is short-haired and therefore does not need any heavy grooming, but a brushing once a week will ensure that the coat stays shiny.

The Savannah


In April 1986 a female domestic cat gave birth to a kitten that was sired by an African Serval.

This first generation hybrid cross (F1) was the first "Savannah" cat. In 2001 TICA accepted the Savannah for registration and it is now competing in TICA shows in the Advanced New Breed category.

The Savannah is very active and curious, and needs human interaction. It is a loyal cat that will show affection to its humans, but it is not a lap cat. They love to play games of fetch and need regular exercise.

The Savannah has large, tall ears that stand up straight on its head. It has a long body with long legs, making it appear taller than it actually is.

The Savannah does not need much grooming, only a weekly brushing to remove any loose hairs.

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The Thai

This cat breed is registered under the name Thai with TICA and in many other registries in Europe, but in Thailand it is known as the Wichienmaat and elsewhere as the "Old-Style Siamese." The Thai cat was bred in the Thai kingdom of Ayudhia, and is still bred in Thailand today.


TICA gave the Thai Preliminary New Breed status in 2007 and in 2009 the Thai was promoted to Advanced New Breed.

The Thai is a highly intelligent, active and people-orientated cat. They are talkers and will often converse with their humans in yowls and yips. They are high maintenance cats when it comes to affection and attention.

The Thai is a short-haired cat breed with a lithe medium-sized body. It has a unique head shape - the forehead is long and flat. This trademark is used to distinguish the Thai from other Siamese.

White markings on Thais are not permitted, but they can have any point color, solid points, tortie points or tabby points.

As the Thai is a short-haired cat, not much grooming is required. A brushing once a week is appreciated and it also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your Thai.

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