burmese cross persin/burmese also help on other breeds PLZ READ THANKS


im avbout to purchase such kitten as in tittle but she has fluffy hair at moment ready to go 3weeks, to me it just looks like a persion not so much squashed in face x normal moggy, i have pis im payin alot for her just wondereed if anyone can help give advise on this and these other breeds im also considering. i am 34, have partner whos hardly here due to work n a 12 yr old daughter, plus yorki terrier who adores cats but doesnt annoy them, also i have a male black/white averge moggy,i want a cat that will be very affectionate, even following me around, likes to sit n have few cuddles etc...out of the one in my tittle n theses breeds which would you recomend also male female personally i want a fenmale they will all be neutered n spayed insured etc just as all my pets are ,#??----- sphynx ? british short hair B.S.H ? birman ? burmese? a bengal crossed persian bblue.grey.white in colour?? bsh but longer fluffier hair? please email me pinkheart3@hotmail.co.uk trhankyopu

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