Brus Maximillion, Bettie Page and Oscar Corneilious

by Bridget McLaughlin
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Brus today!!!  Very tired he is too!

Brus today!!! Very tired he is too!

Brus today!!!  Very tired he is too!

My hubby came across three beautiful kittens one morning in Nov 2013 that had been abandoned alongside a marina where we live. It was bitterly cold and he heard the miaows of the kittens before he seen them. He could not believe that someone could have been so callous because if he hadn't found them they would have surely perished in the cold that night. He brought them home to me in his rucksack and they appeared to be about 6wks old. I bought a cage for them to sleep in (we had two dogs, a canary and a cockatiel at the time), got them omenosy blankets, a litter tray, kitten formula and kitten food. We kept them for three months, during which time I mixed formula, blended their milk into the formula until they were ready to eat more solid foods. When they first started eating they had loose stools but within a day or two they were great and before long they were running around the house. They each got on brilliantly with our Labrador and Jack Russell but had quite a few moments trying to torment the life out of the birds!!!! We kept them in total for three months and my daughter named them all, hence the fancy names in the title! Bettie went to my daughters best friends mum and now has a little friend who is as white as the snow when Bettie herself is jet black. Oscar went to my sons best friends mum who has another cat and they get on well. Brus however is still with us and is one of the cutest cats I have ever known, genius so loving and playful and has all of the temperment and personality of a Bombay cat, even the teary eyes!!! I took them all fir checkups at the vet just to make sure they were all healthy. Brus has made a lovely friend for Holly, our Jack Russell and vice versa. This is really good for both of them as our black Lab, Kim who was 16yrs old had to be put to sleep in July of this year, she had cancer and was beginning to struggle. Brus has been a wonderful addition to our family and around four months ago I rescued a three month old kitten from a boy who was about drown her (cupcake) all because he was moving house!!! She also has a lovely new home with a friend of mine! Brus is now nearly 10mths old!!

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