bombay cat named lady

by David Ryan
(Kansas City Missouri)

lady came to us from playing with our other cat, than when we lost our cat lady stayed around and it took almost a year be for we could touch her . than she let use pet her once in a while , than she got more friendly and it took 2 years ,before she would come inside the time when went on she became more friendly ,but she would ,disapear sometimes 2 to 3 weeks.
than she is still half wild ,and has to haver on way.
we have had her going on 8 years. but last 2 years , she has had times she will come in and stay 1 to 2 and sleep most of the day and eat very little ( does any one know what this condition is )
we have no idea what is wrong ,but we can't pick her up to taker to the vet .she stays on my wife's lap an want's me to massager her and feed her ,but that is it .

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