Bengal Siblings

I have a habit of attracting random strays. Then these two older kittens came. They were friendly from the start. I named them Zack, and Zana, because they looked almost the same. If you look at the picture of the Bengal in the grass, those are my kitties.
Well, I was out feeding them and I noticed something in the distance. Another stray cat. This one was a large orange and white tom. Instantly Zack and Zana looked up and saw him too. The orange and white cat, or Sylvester, as we now call him, walked over to us. Zach growled and batted his face with his paw. Sylvester seemed surprised that a kitten could do that. Soon after, Zana joined in. I laughed as my kittens were hitting this random cat. I had no idea why, but it was hilarious.

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