Beautiful, loving nutcase bi-color BB

by clive
(N/E Johannesburg, South Africa)

innocence personified

innocence personified

innocence personified this heater is bliss! rope.. 5-4-3-2..ready.. bb waits in ambush mode

Hi. Looking at "Cat breeds and Pictures" I think BB is an American Short-hair, which our vet calls a "Tuxedo", due to BW 'suit'.
BB, (Black Beard) a neutered tom, now 9, was bought as a boisterous kitten from a pet-shop by my late mother, as a companion to KC (Kenwood Chef), a ginger tabby who was several years older.
It was more a case of the kitten choosing my mother by stalking then "killing" her arm and "eating" her jersey.
KC passed last year due to old age (14), so BB is now an "only child".
BB has mellowed slightly since a kitten, still enjoys playing, either inventing his own entertainment or human interaction.
Loves chasing cotton rope, ping-pong balls, running and sliding on mat (polished floors), or being dragged in wide arcs at high speed on same mat.
Lies flat-bodied on rope-mat, all 4 arm-grapnels spread wide, eyes like saucers, tail flicking.
If you get tired of swinging and pause, he continues lying/gripping, and asks "preow??", which translates to "HEY MORON - WHY DID YOU STOP??".
Try pulling on socks when "mister" is around - you pull - I hook and pull too!
Being very affectionate, loves nothing better than a warm lap or just to be near, often "helping" with tasks such as writ/\/\/ing (that moving pen!!) and supervising any work done.
Although generally fearless, recently got spooked by a stray plastic supermarket bag.
The breeze had blown this lightweight "strange floating object" in our lounge, so sleepy BB sat up, neck erect, wide eyed.
He jumped down and stalked this potential vicious beast that was moving across floor.
When near enough, he nervously curled his arm and with claws out, swatting the intruder!!
Of course, packet flipped up, temporarily hooked to a claw.
After spitting at it, BB retreated to the safety of the sofa-top, glaring daggers at the strange beast.
When we wiped the laughter-tears, we rescued the packet and re-packed it in the kitchen, after which BB relaxed, washing his embarrassed ego.
"Who, meeeee? - I wasn't scared - I killed it!!"

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