Any Idea What Breed Caboose Is?

by Hennessy

This little guy's name is Caboose! We just got this guy not too long ago, and he already won over mine and my husband's hearts. He is around 9 or 10 weeks old, and is super playful, talkative, and lovey-dovey! He is super long haired, but his butt and tail at the base has long fur. He is kind of a cream color, with greyish brown ears, nose, and tail. His hips and spine are slightly more brown than the rest of his body. He also has stripes in his tail, and on his legs! He has some light stripes around his forehead. He has crystal blue eyes, and he is an overall pretty cool looking cat:) I have never seen one that looks like him. I was thinking he has traits similar to Siamese, Birman, Balinese, Javanese, Siberian, or Tonkinese cats? Not sure how accurate those are, the pictures were not always very helpful ugh haha. Vet said he isn't sure yet, but he is excited to see what he looks like in a month. Let me know what you guys think :)

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Sep 19, 2017
Nice Cat
by: Anonymous

The little guy looks like a Siamese and Tabby mix. The ears and the M on the forehead are a good indication. Just a guess but he does look like a neat cat.

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