ajs cat's

by Alma

My daughter started feeding a stray cat. One day it began to rain and get cold. I put pillows on the porch around a chair to give her shelter. We named the cat Elizabeth. The next morning we went to check on her and I noticed a black fur ball on the pillow that couldn't walk. As I checked closer it was an injured kitten which the mother had carried in her mouth to my porch. I also kept hearing a little meow from the ground. I looked on the ground and there stood another kitten who had apparently followed mom, only she was golden. I brought them in and checked them out to find the black kitten had a neck injury. Elizabeth left her babies with me, and went about her way.I took the black kitten whose name is Oreo to my mother who prayed for him, and Ginger. Oreo eventually straightened his nek and began to walk just fine. I took him to the vet and found he is a diabetic and has allergies. He is otherwise fine. He has beautiful long black silky hair where Ginger has short golden tiger stripe hair but the both came from the same mom. Are the same age. They are now about 2one half years old. They seem to be two different breeds, is that possible from the same mom?

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