A stranger in our house

by Nicole

My 14 year old niece brought a (chartreux) kitten to our house. He was a rescue from her friends aging grandmother. There was about 2 months that I didn't even know what this beauty looked like because we never seen him. She pretty much brought him in said his name is going to be Clide with an "I" and that was it for 2 months. He came out to eat and go to the bathroom while we were out of the house or in bed.I tried a number of times to find his hiding place but failed. I was so worried that this little kitty would never come out but I let him go and low and be hold he started coming out periodically through out the day. When I finally got to see him I was amazed by his beauty, that beautiful coat of hair he had, those captivating yellowish/copper eyes and that mesmerizing face of his. I fell instantly in love. He got to know us day by day and has turned into quite a kitty terror in our house. He steals things and hides them. He loves my hair ties, I'm buying a new pack ever 2 weeks or so because he drags them off. He hides all the cat toys under the couch where the big kitty can't fit. If we go out of town we come home to things hidden under the covers in our bed, toy mice in the water dishes, and confeti made from toilet paper. He always makes me laugh and bring joy to my days. I can never close a door to any room because he does not like not being able to be by my side. He is still very iffy about strangers and when the kids have friends over. But besides that he has adjusted well. I was very worried for weeks but he came around.

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